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We are two lady pilots living & flying up in Alaska. Noticing the lack of fun, stylish aviation swag for women and men we decided to combine our love of art and aviation and bring you The Aeronaut Shop!

Hi I am Tosha

Aviatrix, artist, 4th generation Alaskan and half of the artistic team at The Aeronaut Shop. There are few things that give me as much joy & inspiration as flying does! I have a commercial helicopter license, and am in the midst of getting my airplane add-ons. When I'm not flying you'll find me skiing with my Jämthund puppy Helix, mountain/fat tire biking, exploring Alaska, and making art. My latest joys/interests, other then Helix & my airplane, are falconry, chai, paragliding & making cool aviation clothing for you to wear.


Hi I am Sarah

One half of The Aeronaut Shop. I am a graphic design major, remote Alaska flying, adventure seeking, dog loving, mountain climbing, off the beaten path exploring, wierd food tasting, sleep under the stars camping, "oh look, sharks!" swimming, mountain biking, spontaneous trip traveling, quad shot espresso drinking, pray for snow dancing, photo taking, "is it friday yet" kinda gal. 

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